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5 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Instant Pot

Instant Pot has been around for a few years now, but only seems to have grasped our attention now, with the internet being spammed with instant pot recipes everywhere. A revolution in cooking, this amazing invention has made cooking a breeze, by replacing all other kitchen appliances used in cooking. Not only does it speed up cooking but is a blessing for those of you who’ve recently discovered their interest for cooking.

Instant Pot is definitely one of those inventions you didn’t know you were missing out on, until you get your hands on it. Here are 5 reasons why we think your next purchase should definitely be an Instant Pot.

1. Saves time

In this fast paced world, where we are always juggling between professional and family life, any appliance, gadget or tool that saves time is a blessing. Instant Pot speeds up your cooking task and lets you finish other chores by following the instructions entered in the beginning. That means no constant surveillance.

You’re not limited to cook a certain type of cuisines, but are free to try hundreds of easy instant pot recipes, many of them with less than 30 mins preparation time. What a great time saver!

2. Easy to Use

easy to use instant pot

What enhances its utility is its ease of use and comprehension. Being a 21st century invention, many baby boomers might be reluctant to buy one, considering the stereotypical complexity. However, it is a treat for users of all age groups alike, with its easily understandable options and manual that guides you through the process. Once you’ve added the ingredients, you don’t need to stir, check or be skeptical about the results. Just sit back and relax and let the Instant Pot do the talking.

3. Safe

Say goodbye to exploding cookers! The Instant Pot is safe to use which is especially beneficial for a house with kids. You don’t need to run after your kids when they go to the kitchen anymore, as it is completely covered. While microwaving your food can have adverse effects on the food quality through the emitted rays, Instant Pot lets you enjoy a healthier and scrumptious meal at home without going through any hassle.

What’s more? You can even take your electricity operated Instant Pot to picnics and on your RVs and boats without giving a care in the world and get home made quality food on the go.

4. Multi-Functional

If you were wondering whether an electric pressure cooker is worth the price you’re paying, we’ve got one more concern resolved. Instant Pot, other than being a pressure cooker features 6 more cooking functions including slow cooker (for the perfect traditional taste), rice cooker (to get the best cooked rice), steamer (for chicken and vegetables), sauté/browning pan (for the perfectly viscous sauces), yogurt maker (for quality home-made yogurt) and warming pot (no more microwaves).

This 7-in-1 technology definitely gives you amazing value for your money, making cooking convenient like never before. Not only that, but it lets you try recipes of various sorts and brings out the chef in you.

5. No Pre Preps

Since it encompasses almost all the features one can probably need while cooking, you don’t need to pre prep food by defrosting it, for example. No more waiting for hours to defrost meat, or slow cook your steaks, Instant Pot eases cooking tasks by minimizing pre preparations. Just stuff in the ingredients and let yourself relax while the food prepares itself. You can even pre plan your meal, well ahead of time (24 hours) and let it cook at some later time when you’re not available.

Making cooking convenient and easier than ever, Instant Pot further reduces kitchen chores by being easily cleanable, and makes no noise. No more worrying for undercooked or overcooked food. Now that’s what I call easy cooking.